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Veteran - Former Law Enforcement - Lawyer

Larry Mike

Larry Mike in the Air Force
Larry Mike shooting while in the Air Force

"What is your background?"

I grew up a "military brat" and moved around the country and overseas with my family as a young kid. I was living in Germany when the wall fell. My father was a strict disciplinarian who instilled discipline, respect for authority, and love for your country into the heart and mind of myself and my brother. I served in the military like my father and grandfather, and my brother did as well. He received the Silver Star while in Iraq. My father was also a preacher. We went to church six days a week and twice on Sundays. Without God, I wouldn't be where I am now. My mother, a Korean immigrant, earned her citizenship and helped raise me to respect all cultures.

I got the opportunity to experience what it was like to see the differences between the US and the World. It made me realize that what we have in this country is something no one else has. I recall sitting around the table during dinner as a family discussing what went on during the day. Our discussions always centered around being thankful for what we have and working hard to make ourselves better. I have tried my best to be the best person I can be - meaning - treating people as I would want to be treated because you never know what they are going through. It may sound cliché, but love can conquer all. I have to thank my parents for giving me that outlook. As far as my professional life, I have been blessed to be in the military, a special agent, an associate director of business development, and a lawyer, amongst other things. Through each venture, I had the opportunity to learn and grow and interact with people.

Most importantly, I was able to serve in some capacity to help along the way. I believe that elected officials should be servants to the people. We should have a servant's heart. We should listen to the people. We also must be good ambassadors for the community. We must uphold and defend the Constitution and protect the citizen's unalienable rights. My father always told me, "Keep your focus on God, and you will never go wrong." I strive to adhere to his teaching.

Larry, a 10-year veteran of the United States Air Force, joins a long list of family members who have served in the military since WWII. During his time in the military, Larry instructed new Law Enforcement trainees on weapons, tactics, and military operations before being accepted as a Special Agent in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).

Larry deployed to the Middle East to support military operations throughout the region to support the Global War on Terrorism and Operation Enduring Freedom. After honorably separating from the military in 2006, Larry completed his undergraduate degree with Bellevue University then attended Texas Wesleyan University School of Law (Texas A&M University School of Law).

Upon graduating from law school in 2011, Larry was employed as the Associate Director of Business Development for a medical education company where he focused on sales development and expansion of product offerings to consumers, primarily through the international market where he identified revenue opportunities with new and existing customers. Under his leadership, the international division grew 94.6% in just the 1st quarter. 

After extensive travel for two years, Larry decided to utilize his law school degree. Since then, Larry was named a Top Family Law Attorney for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, according to Fort Worth Magazine. 

Larry is married to Yesha Patel who is his rock.

Larry Mike graduation from Law School
Larry listening to colleagues
What do you see when you look at the Flag?
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"When I was deployed, our flag was the one symbol that gave me comfort in knowing I was fighting for freedom."


"The Constitutional Grassroots Conservative"

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