After twenty-seven (27) years - It is time for a change at the Tarrant County District Clerk's office. Larry Mike is NOT an 80-year-old establishment career politician. Larry a constitutional conservative believes government should not be in the business of making money. We don't have time for the same "old" politics in our county. Larry is a leader who will fight for justice, end pay to play and establish integrity and term limits back into local government. 

Larry Mike is the only candidate for District Clerk that is a Veteran, Former Law Enforcement Officer, and Lawyer.

Our promise to you: We will lead the office the same way we run our campaign: Clean and Respectful. As a servant leader should.


Grassroots Constitutional Conservative

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Larry is proud to announce he is a conservative wherever he goes.

Larry believes in strict adherence to the original language and intent of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of the United States and of Texas.

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Larry believes in term-limits and will self impose term limits on himself.


Register to vote IN PERSON

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Larry believes in preserving American and Texas sovereignty and freedom as well as the inalienable right of all people to defend themselves and their property.

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Larry believes in the sanctity of life from fertilization to natural death. 


Larry is committed to freedom of choice and ensuring our country stays free. No Mask Mandates - No Vaccine Mandates

Media and Speeches

Uzmarketing Interview with Larry Mike

Larry on the UZ Marketing Political Interview

Lary Mike with Jeff Morgan

Larry with Jeff Morgan Interview

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Larry on the Kevin Alan Show

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Larry holding the school board responsible for allowing sexually explicit books into the library.

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Larry on the Fort Worth Memories Political Group Show

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Larry on the Am I Worth the Time Show

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Larry on Fort Worth Memories Political Group Show

Larry on the Fort Worth Memories Political Group Show

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Larry on Fort Worth Memories Political Group

Larry on the Fort Worth Memories Political Group Show

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Key Endorsements

Elected Official
Tarrant County District Attorney Sharen Wilson
Ronald Reagan Conservative Club of Texas
Precinct Chairs

Elva Camacho - 1014
John Dotson - 1377
Susan Valliant - 2174
Cynthia "Cyndie" Lasher - 2307
Sherri Heinz
man - 2360


People Come First 

As a Constitutional Grassroots Conservative, my commitment is to the people. I refuse to be content with the status quo. This is our time. We are Tarrant County. Under my leadership, the District Clerk's office will transition to meet the community's needs by listening to our constituents and implementing solutions when necessary. Together we can succeed. Transparency will be at the forefront of this administration. 

Innovation Is Key 

I truly understand what public service is all about. We can utilize technology to save money, become more efficient and lessen the workload of the District Clerk staff. Every election cycle the current incumbent promises new technology and every election cycle that promise is broken. That ends with me. We will establish a committee of Subject Matter Experts including: Judges, Lawyers, Clerks, IT Professionals, and everyday citizens to find what works best for the county while keeping the taxpayers informed of the progress.

Our Speech

Thank you for your support in my campaign to become the next Tarrant County District Clerk. ​The Clerk is the record-keeper for our District Courts; from handling case-related funds and working with the community and our lawyers, it is crucial to ensure you have a clerk that works well with our legal community.

Tarrant Deserves Better

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Tarrant County District Clerk

Why does Tarrant County have a system that expired 22 years ago? 

Why does Harris County have a system that is up-to-date?

Larry Mike is the only candidate that believes in innovation. 

Tarrant County District Clerk

A successful District Clerk must have exceptional management, organizational, and people skills. I will transition the office from an MS-DOS-based system to technology that is compatible with the 21st century. I will review all current policies in place, and if any policy violates or intrudes on your rights - I will get rid of them. During my administration, the days of being sued in court for policies that violate your rights will be over. You, the people, are in charge. I am your servant. I come from a family of Veterans who have served our country - and now I will serve my county. ​I look forward to serving you!

- Larry

​​​P.S. A huge thank you to my Campaign Treasurer, Summer Chappell. You are a rock star!



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"The Constitutional Grassroots Conservative"

Pol. Adv. Paid for by Larry for District Clerk Campaign, Summer Chappell - Campaign Treasurer